11 de novembro de 2011

Easy Greens *

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Designer Amanda Nisbet serves up a beach-house-chic style that's fresh in the summer, cozy in the winter, and divine all year round.
A designer Amanda Nisbet criou um estilo “casa de praia chic”, que é fresco no verão, aconchegante no inverno e divino ao longo do ano.

How do you design a room that suits a Labour Day soirée as much as it does a cozy Christmas dinner? The secret to creating a seasonal room that seamlessly sashays from summer to winter, says Canadian-born, N.Y.-based designer Amanda Nisbet, is colour and texture.
O segredo de criar uma sensacional do verão para o inverno, diz a canadiana Amanda que se baseia na cor e textura.

"And thanks to the layering of textures, the room beckons all year long. Heavy linen curtains puddle luxuriously on the floor, pale mosaic tiles "cool" the fireplace, a sisal rug boasts a wave-like pattern - all serve to straddle the summer-winter divide."
Easy greens
Amanda chose the dining room's celadon green colour to accent the deep green of the room across the hall. “I wanted soft neutrals with just a hint of celadon in the chair seat cushions and in the window dressings,” says Amanda. “The palette is very soothing.”

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  1. Love the shell and the beautiful napkin ring!


  2. Amanda's a true Canadian design treasure. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Love all of the white..I feel so calm just looking at these images.



    Venha me conhecer.



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